If you have never already been a member of our civic association, you need to registrate as a new member (user).

Step 1 – Visit page userpanel.pcklub.sk . Changing language to English by clicking on the flag is optional. Then click on Register button.

Step 2 – Fill the informations as follows.

Meno – Name

Priezvisko – Surname

Dátum narodenia – Date of birth

Adresa bydliska – Home adress

Tel. číslo – Phone number

Internát – Dormitory , Izba – Room number, Bunka – DO NOT FILL.

Email -email

Fakulta – Faculty

Číslo ISIC čipu – ISIC card number

Heslo – Password

Potvrednie hesla – Password confirmation.


Step 3 – Login using your name.surname and your password filled before.

Step 4 – On navigation bar click Network button. Then click Add computer.

Step 5 – Fill your ethernet (local area) MAC adress using AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA form. Please look for the tutorial how to fing your MAC adress on the internet. Without filled MAC adress your internet will not work. Also name your conputer, you can name it how you want, just don’t use names already taken.

If you have been registered, you need to generate a new contract on the Documents page, pay membersip fee with informations generated in your contract and bring signed contract with your printed payment detail to our Application acceptance meetings. Without it your application will not be accepted.