How to apply for the membership in a civic association ŠRB313 o.z. ??

To become a member of ŠRB313o.z. and to use our services (high-speed wired internet, access to gym and TV room with PS4, access to our events), you need to pay membership fee (bank payment only) 8 euro for a month, or 23 euro for half-year term, to a bank account       SK90 0900 0000 0050 4021 2473 , BIC: GIBASKBX .

For correct payment of the membership you need to enter correct payment informations which are automatically generated in the Application contract. To register a new member or to generate a new contract for existing users, go to the page .

Variable symbol located in our generated contract is not the same as dormitory payment variable symbol. If you pay membership fee with incorrect informations, your application will not be approved.

For successful confirmation of your application you need to bring signed contract and printed payment detail at the specified time to our Application acceptance meetings.